Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Learning From Nature

Nature is one of the most important thing about life. Without nature we can't do anything. Everything that we eat, drink, use or built are from nature. But we always forget to appreciate and take care of nature. We usually treat nature with inappropriate way or sometimes worse than that. It's time for us to do something right about nature. First thing we need to do is learn from nature. There are a lot of things we can learn from nature.

Nature contain many interesting things and places. Like the wind, cloud, trees, forest, beach, river, mountain, sea, sky ,star, animals, moon, earth and many more. We can observe, hear , feel, and learn from those things and places. While we learn we can also enjoy the beauty of the nature. Every places have their own beauty.

For example we can learn many things from stars. Stars always shine bright however dark, the night is. Stars always look beautiful when they together. Stars can show us direction from their  pattern. Stars never giving up to shine until its die. Stars is not afraid to fly so high. We should lern from the spirit of stars.

Another example is the water. Water is the accent of our life. Whitout water we can't survive in this earth. Water not only beneficial for human being. But also for plant and animal. Water give it's benefit everywhere with different form. In the ocean, water mixed up with salt and make sea water taste salty. And with that condition, water become place for saltwater fish, coral reefs, kelp, and other sea creature. In the sky, water change it form from liquid to gas. And gathered become cloud. Clouds block us from sunlight so we feel cooler than before. And clouds can drop rain from its body and from rain become water again. So people in the highlands can use water. And ofcourse

From star and water we already learn so many things. So, if we pay more attention to nature we can get countless knowledge. And nature is so beuatiful and worth to protect. We also can't live without nature. But why people don't know or even don't care about nature around them. People sometimes don't realize how important nature is.

So this is our job to protect nature. We must keep nature save from people who wamt to destroy nature. We must fix nature as much as we can do. We must reduce or even remove the pollution we make. We must take part to build nature. It is not something impossible we want to make it come true. The most important thing to save nature is with willingness to change the world to be a better place.

We can do anything to save nature, from the smallest thing until the biggest thing. For example we can reduce plastic waste. To do it we can refuse plastic straws,  use reusable produce bags, use reusable bottles and cups and many more. The point is we should do it right now from the smallest thing we can do.

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