Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

My Holiday

I went to Bali last thursday. I went with my family and by an airplane. That was my first time I went to Bali and I was so excited about it. Although I thought It was a little bit too late to have a holiday. It was just a short holiday because on  Monday I had to go to school. But I felt happy about the holiday with my family.

I went on 5th January 2017 from Husein Sastranegara Airport. My flight schedule was on 12.00 PM and I arrived at the airport 1 hour before that. The flight was so amazing because at first the buildngs looked so small and I thought it was so cool. And then everything turned to white. And before the landing I could see a beuatiful  scenery from the sky. I went immediately to the hotel after I arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Hasil gambar untuk bali


At the first day in Bali, I went to Kuta beach to enjoy the scenery. I couldn’t see the sunset because it was cloudy, but I still enjoyed it. My family and I took some picture in Kuta beach and then we walked around Kuta beach to spent time. And then we came back to the hotel and saw interesting places in the night. We also bought some gifts before came backt to the hotel.

The second day was the busiest day, because i went to six different places. First, I went to nusa dua beach. In this beach we just took a lot of picture and enjoy the scenery. There were fewer people here than kuta beach island. And then I went to tanjung Benoa beach to play some water activities like banana boat ride, walking underwater and flying fish water ride. It was fun because i saw lots of new things. The third place is Pandawa beach. I think it was the most beautiful beach i saw in bali. It was so blue and the sand was so soft. And I felt so calm and free.

After that I went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park or usually called GWK. There were a lot of great sculpture. My family and I took pictures in different places. The next place was Uluwatu Temple. We needed to be careful, because there were monkeys and they sometimes took visitors belongings. There were so many stairs there and when I arrived at the top of the temple, I could see a beautiful sunset and the scenery of the sea down there. I also saw kecak dance in uluwatu temple. There were lots of man made circle and in the middle there were the characters of the story. There was so fun, amazing, and hilarious. I really enjoyed the show and the beauty of the temple.

And last thing I did in Bali on that day was having a dinner in Jimbaran beach. We ates seafood and enjoyed the beach scenery. There were many kind of seafoods like squid, fish, prawn and many more. It felt so different because I never Had dinner with a sand around my feet. And after a long way trip I finally came back to the hotel. I felt so tired and happy at the same time.

On the next day or last day in Bali I was experiencing water rafting.  There was a guide when I did rafting in that river. I like it because the water was so cold and challenging. The water rafting was about 2-3 hours long and it was so worth. After that My family and I went to Ubud but we didn’t do anything there. We just looked Ubud from the car because we should back to cacth the flight. And before we went home with airplane, we bought some gifts at Joger. It was so beautiful to see Bali at night from the sky. I could see so many light down there and it was so amazing. And that was my holiday story.

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