Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

Feeling Grateful to Others

There is an interesting experience when I was in 9th grade. At that time, I took a friday prayer at masjid agung cimahi. After took wudu in the toilet, I went to the second floor of the mosque. I chose to sit in the second floor, because people in the second floor usually fewer than people in the first floor. But in the second floor, not all of the floor using carpet. Unfortunately, I had to sit on the floor. The floor was quite cold and I had to sit there until the prayer start.

And when the friday prayer started, I made a neat shaf with another man. I thought it would hurt my forehead if I sujud with no carpet or sejadah. And then unexpectedly a man beside spread his sejadah to my sujud place. I felt so grateful at that time. And I could sujud with no problem.

After the prayer's over the man walked away without any single word. And I was not getting a chance to say thank you to him. But I hope his kindness bring him good things from god. That experience make me realize one thing. Sometimes we feel so grateful not because a big thing that happen in life, but from the small thing we can feel grateful if we pay attention.

Dewa Athena

Dewa athena is an annual event in SMAN 3 Bandung. Dewa athena is a sport competition or tournament between classes, and this year held on 5 different days. 23rd & 24th march 2017 for 11th grade student, 25th march & 1st april 2017 for 10th grade and the final day is for the finalist from each group. The competition include soccer, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, tug of war, relay, gobak sodor.

The first day of dewa athena we must wore our own class jersey. My class jersey was white with deux written on the front side of it. Deux means 2 in france. I really like and proud of my class jersey. On that day my class played in some competition such as basketball , badminton, gobak sodor and I forgot the others. I personally played badminton represent my class. Unfortunately I had to wait for long time because in the schedule I played on 04.00 pm against x science 9. So I spent my time with sat on the corner of basketball field with my friends. I support my class basketball team, they really good at it. I was so tired waiting for my turn to played. And at that time I felt I want to go home as fast as possible. I also felt pity for my friends because they had to wait for me. And finally I won and continoue to the next match.

On the second day or a week after the first day, I played at around 3.00 pm. So I had to wait again like before. But I much entertained, because my class basketball team always perfomes a good game. Although in the other competition we lost. But in the end, I won the badminton game against X Acceleration. Actually I must played for one more game, but the time is not enough so it canceled.
And the last day before dewa athena there was paman gober. Paman gober is acronym from penanaman dan gowes bersama. So we should brought our own bike or we could borrow it at school. So I brought my bike with car to the school. 

At first we should gather in lapangan bali. After that we cycling to pusenif together, the teacher also join us. And at Pusenif we planted some plant around the field. And we went back to Sma 3 with different route that further then before. I felt so tired after I arrived at sman 3 and then I should played for dewa athena. On that day there was less people than before. But I couldn't go home because I had to play agants X science 10. I was so grateful that I won the match. And there was a lot of my friends supporting me. But at the final I lost against XI science 4. I didnt really disapointed about the result and after that I went home with my bike.

Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Cross Word Puzzle
























1. Short for quadrat
2. Irrational fears
5. Attach
8. A piece of french-fried potato
10. Relatedd to pencil
11. Tear
13. Possesing outstanding quality of superior  
15. Kill or shot
16. The syllable used for the second tone of a
       diatonic scale.
17. Valentine
18. Excellent
20. To request to come or go to some place 21. Venture
22. Hair


1. Leave
3. To put to death by suspending by the neck
     from a gallows
4. God
6. Brewing alcoholic beverages
7. To test the quality, value, fitness, accuracy
9. The condition of being hot
12. Finger
14. To measure liquids
15. Animal with stripes
16. Character played by an actor
18. To see by personal presence and   
19. I (Plural)
21. Sashimi