Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

Feeling Grateful to Others

There is an interesting experience when I was in 9th grade. At that time, I took a friday prayer at masjid agung cimahi. After took wudu in the toilet, I went to the second floor of the mosque. I chose to sit in the second floor, because people in the second floor usually fewer than people in the first floor. But in the second floor, not all of the floor using carpet. Unfortunately, I had to sit on the floor. The floor was quite cold and I had to sit there until the prayer start.

And when the friday prayer started, I made a neat shaf with another man. I thought it would hurt my forehead if I sujud with no carpet or sejadah. And then unexpectedly a man beside spread his sejadah to my sujud place. I felt so grateful at that time. And I could sujud with no problem.

After the prayer's over the man walked away without any single word. And I was not getting a chance to say thank you to him. But I hope his kindness bring him good things from god. That experience make me realize one thing. Sometimes we feel so grateful not because a big thing that happen in life, but from the small thing we can feel grateful if we pay attention.

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