Senin, 29 Agustus 2016

World Tournament and Techno Festival

About  2 weeks ago SMA Negeri  Bandung held an event called World Tournament and Techno Festival. All student in X and XI grader was participating in this event. The event exactly held on 20th August 2016 start from 6.30 AM until 3 PM. There were a lot of games at many places. And the most important rule was we must use English to communicate with friends, mentor or anyone in that event. There are many lesson that we can learn in this event like use English as a language, togetherness, and absolutely how to have fun.

In that event we needed to wear the same clothes and we were  not prohibited to wear same clothes with another class but not for the pants. And my class X Science 2 wore a black shirt with a red scarf.  The event started in Lapbal or Lapangan Bali, and the mentors told us to make a line by class. After all class gathered in Lapbal the mentors separated us by grade like X Science 1 with XI Science 1, X Science 2 with XI Science 2 and so on.

Then we moved to another place with the map as a key. The map filled by a clue and an option of the place so we have to matched it. There were different games  in the different places. The games was like a challenge for the X and XI grade. There were spicy noodles challenge, Play fight games, play soccer games( not a real soccer),  twister, quiz about technology and many more.  The winner got a puzzle that will be useful  for the and of the event.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, the theme of WTTF 2016 was about outer space I think. Because in every places named by a planet names and there were aliens too. If we attacked aliens with water balloon they will gave us a puzzle. And the end of the day there were the aliens attack because  they stole the puzzle. And last thing to do was rearranging the puzzle. I don’t  remember who was the winner and I felt tired because I had another plan after it.

Although I didn’t participate any games but I was enjoying it. I gave all my energy to support them and I didn’t regret it. Because that event make me closer with my friends and increase my knowledge about SMA Negeri 3 Bandung environtment, activities and many more. 

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